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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  July 17, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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worldwide tonight. newsman walter cronkite dead at 92. the most trusted man in america was welcomed into the homes for almost a half century, covering some of the biggest stories of our lifetime. fox 5's bob barnard here now with a look back. >> reporter: the news of walter cronkite's dth came just after 7:30 tonight at his home in new york city. he was 92. a cbs ws spokeswoman saying he died offer is republican balance -- of cerebral vascular disease. >> reporter: he delivered the news every weeknight for nearly 20 years and people are saying the same thing tonight: there will never be another walter cronkite. >> i don't think we'll see the likes of him ever again. he was distinctive in a way that really nailed down the seriousness of television journalism. >> reporter: we spoke by telephone tonight with former cbs news anchorman roger mudd from his home in mclean, virginia.
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>> when you worked for him or with him as i did for 20 years and a lot of other men and women, he enabled us to take pride in our work and to be proud of our work and i think almost single-handedly he gave television journalism a fine name. >> reporter: fox news sunday host chris wallace also remembered the man many would come to refer as with complete admiration as uncle walter. >> i think he kept the mentality, who, what, when, where, why, just the facts, trying as hard as he could for objectivity and withsole exception of his expressing annal sis in 1968 -- analysis in 19 of 8 that we were stalemated in vietnam and it was a war we couldn't win, i can't think of another opinion he ever expressed. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. >> reporter: whether it was delivering the shocking news of
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a young president's assassination or almost gleefully reporting on the first moon landing 40 years ago this week, walter cronkite was for a time during the past century considered the most trusted man in america. tonight long-time cbs news and 60 minutes correspondent morley shaeffer -- maury safer called -- shaeffer called him e father of news. you'll find some of cronkite's most memorable moments on air including the lunar landing and the announcement of president kennedy's assassination. it's all on our home page. a fight outside a d.c. bar ends with one man dead. tonight we've learned his aciewsessed -- accused attacker won't face serious jail time. maureen umeh in the newsroom with the calls for justice. >> reporter: what was initially investigated as a hate crime has ended with the 18-year-old suspect pleading guilty to a lesser charge. many are outraged asking where
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is the justice for tony hunter. >> i'm disgusted. i feel very, very sad for my city. >> reporter: outrage and shock over a controversial charge. a grand jury deciding 18-year- old robert hanna will only face a simple assault charge, a misdemeanor in the beating death of 37-year-old tony hunter. >> i really think that it's unfortunate that there's such easy penalties for ople who commit such harsh crimes. >> reporter: he and three others attacked hunter as the victims headed to a gay bar on 9th street northwest. hanna claims hunter globed him leading -- groped him leading to a fist fight. a grand jury believed the story finding that hunter fell, hitting his head on the ground causing the injuries that led to his death. chris barrett says the decision sent an alarming message.
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>> it's a message -- the message is this. if you murder somebody and they're not here to defend themselves, just say that they groped you. just say that they groped you and you reacted. >> reporter: near the scene of the beating, concern and fear about possible incidents targeting the gay community lingers. one owner of a bar says he's increased security both inside and outside hoping to protect patrons. many say hunter's beating death is a reminder that hate lives. >> it's really sad that there are those sorts of prejudices. it's sort of -- hatred still infiltrates our society. >> reporter: the second victim suffered less severe injuries but no charges were ever brought in his case either. if convicted of the simple assault charge, hanna faces up to 180 days in prison. two children pulled from a burning home and terrorists bomb ahotel in jakarta. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> reporter: prince george's county firefighters pulled a five and seven-year-old from
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the burning building. the flames broke out around 5:00 p.m. on a house on 56th place in riverdale. the five-year-old did not survive. the seven-year-old is listed in critical condition. testimony in the murder case of the mother accused of killing hefour daughters took a twist today. a neighbor testified he heard a fight through the thin walls of the rowhouse and his family noticed a peculiar smell months before the girls' bodies were found. in indonesia we now know suicide bombers got past the hotel security by acting like hotel guests. they checked in and smukled explosives -- smuggled explosives through metal detectors and assembled the bombs in their rooms. it killed eight people and wounding at least 50 hose. >> thank you, shawn. don't look for any updates from the world health organization on the number ever swine flu cases around the globe. the agency says track be the cases is too overwhelming for countries where the virus is spreading quickly. they will however continue track be the epidemic adding
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it's the fastest moving pandemic ever. worldwide the number of confirmed deaths stands -- [ inaudible ] one of the worst hit by the virus is the u.k. the ratio of people in great britain reporting flu-like symptoms jumped to 86 in every 100,000 this months. so about 30 people have died after contracting the virus. the country is so overwhelmed, health officials have set up a flu hotline to have patients assessed. hoping to turn this down market into a chance to buy your dream house, listen up. the news edge with a credit red flag you need to fix before you sign on the boughted lining. plus, surprised dealerships are getting desperate and this has us doing a double take. you can score potentially a deadly weapon for free. the weekend is here. weekend forecast is coming up but right now thundershowers moving through.
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if you're in gaithersburg, you're about to get wet. we'll show you this on live radar. plus, a peek at the weekend forecast. stay with us. the news edge at 11:00 will continue. 
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the road to recovery may be on a billboard somewhere in rhode island. that's where positive messages about the economy are sprouting up. the recession will end and there are better times ahead the billboards read. rhode island hopes so. the state's unemployment is over 12%. it's one of the highest in the country. the billboards started appearing last month. who is not feeling the cash crunch these days? how does free sound. new features on your phone won't cost a penny. shawn yancy is back with your fox 5 top five disblsh free mobile tv coming to d.c. soon you'll be able to watch fox 5 on your mobile, laptop all for free. d.c. will be part of a test market for free mobile tv. the whole idea is to make it easier to watch local news when you're on the go and when breaking news happens. so we will let you know as soon as you can see us right here at fox 5 free on mobile tv. number four, before you try to buy a house, check out your credit eport carefully. along with your score, other red flags including maxed out
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credit cards, late credit payments, tax liens and late utility bill payments. as soon as you fix the problems, the easier it will be for you to buy. number three, what you name your son could determine his future. a recent study claims the more unpopular, uncommon or feminine a boy's first name is the more mikely he will end up in jail. a university professor says names don't cause the crime but the ridiculing or teasing of a boy about his name can increase the tendency toward juvenile delinquency. number two, eight time to repeat the sex talk with your teenagers. teen pregnancies are up and so are std rates. the number of teen boys with aids has nearly doubled in the past ten years. researchers say teens are not using condoms. number one tonight pack your patience for a slew of weekend metro delays. tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the tacoma station will be closed to allow the ntsb to conduct tests on the red line. look for track maintenance on
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tap for the rest ever the line. the areas affected include the red line between medical center and friendship heights, the orange line between vienna and west falls church and blue and yellow lines between braddock road and huntington. work starts later tonight and runs through sunday. you can check out all of tonight's top five on just click on web links. >> thank you. don't stress over the mess at metro is weekend. why not hit the beach. gary has your full forecast coming up next. need to get your vacation fixed this summer but don't want to break the bank? how to find afree place to crash on the other side. first, can you stand it? the promised of unfiltered, uncensored nonpolitical correct tweet coming your way. sarah palin still the governor in alaska but for the next ten days she's keeping her twitter activity professional. come july 26 the former vice presidential nominee will launch her personal twitter page. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah!
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it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at buschardens in williamsburg. with fourfamily-friend. ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ buy some horsepower and get some firepower. that's the mantra of a missouri car dealership. it offers a free ak-47 when you buy a truck. the owner of the dealership came up with the promotion to generate business. when you purchase a truck, you get a voucher to purchase a gun. all buyers have to submit to a background check before they can buy the ak-47. how about a around the world vacation without leaving your home. it's called couch surfing and it's quite the rage in this budget conscious world. jim armstrong shows us how to surfour way. >> never heard of it. i'm sorry. >> reporter: more than a
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million people have done it worldwide. >> something to do with wireless remotes connectivity. >> reporter: so you've heard about it, right? >> i've not. >> no, very not. >> reporter: what do you think it's about? >> sur everring -- searching for beautiful furniture like couches. >> reporter: looks like couch might have some p.r. work to do. >> you check out who's couch is available and stay at their house. >> it's a possibility. >> reporter: would you like people to stay at your house? >> definitely not. >> reporter: then again more than two million couches have already been surfed. word of mouth seems to do the trick. >> it wouldn't be suitable for me. >> i mean, i've been skeptical throughout the entire process. i was the one -- >> reporter: a few months ago the emerson college students didn't know about couch sur everring either. they -- surfing either. so they produced a documentary. >> at first glance it looks
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like, okay, people are just sleeping at each other's houses. how do they know it's safe. i thought that that was a perfect thing for us to explore for our project. >> reporter: a would-be couch surfer is someone who is about to travel in the u.s. or abroad but you want to experience the destination as a local, not a tourist. you go on-line, check out the site and see who is available to host you for free. the final step is easy. you just end up on their couch. >> you read the references and if you're not happy with the references that you're reading, then don't stay with that person. >> reporter: a host might even volunteer to pick you up when you arrive. most are just excited to show you around their hometown. >> i think that people are able to show what it means to be hospitable and what it means to be a good guest. >> and to hopefully reciprocate that favor to someone else traveling. >> reporter: for their documentary, lexie and liz talked to season surfers. >> i'm addicted to couch surfing. >> reporter: then they took the plunge themselves. they found a couch in new york
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city. their host has had dozens of surfers. >> even in new york, there were things we got to experience. we went to a car show. something we never would have double before. with us he went and got his nails done. you know, it was right down the street but he'd never been to the nail salon. we're both showing each other things we wouldn't have normally done together. >> reporter: like all good couch surfers, these two are considering hosting as well. of course security and safety are top concerns but lexie and liz buy into couch surfing's motto, to create a better world one couch at a time. >> it's like the old idea of hospitality. it went out the window in this country and i think this brings it back. >> we were raised with this idea that you should be afraid of other people and i think that this goes against that. >> reporter: a sort of reclining rebellion against barriers one lumpy couch at a time. jim armstrong, fox 5 news. >> different time, isn't it? >> don't say it. let's talk about this weekend. that's all i really care about. >> let's get ri. t ttothere tara arcouplof thumserthorstor
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lingering out there. this one is dying but if you're in gaithersburg or the surrounding area there in gaithersburg coming out of loudoun county into montgomery county, you know that you're hearing this heavy rain begin to fall. some of it stretches all the way down towards great falls. i bet -- i don't want to bet but i would y as this begins to get a little bit north of the district, maybe touching silver spring, up around olney and columbia, this will die down. so by the time it gets a little bit farther to the east, we're just talking about a rain shower there as it's been weakening for the last hour as it's been coming over the mountains and getting into the region here. we'll jump over and show you the highs today. fairly warm and muggy but listen, with the sunshine and we had it did, it would have been warmer. temperatures -- warmer than temperatures mid- to upper 80s. we would have been pushing 90 degrees. your weekend forecast, it's a winner. # 6 tomorrow, oh owe 86 tomorrow -- 86 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies. sunday it's going to be a
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little less humid. tomorrow still a little humidity out there but not bad. but drier for sunday as the winds become more northwest. let me go first over to trueview. max hd trueview to give you an idea what's taking place. there is a frontal system back to the west of us. until it gets to the east o uswe do at least have a chance for a couple of these showers. notice the trend here. they are dying down and they're weakening. we're fairly stable up for. temperatures in the -- stable now. temperatures in the lower 70s. as they continue to move on across, they'll be weakening. within the next half-hour or so, thundershowers become rain showers and then they dissipate completely as they start getting over to the bay and beyond. once this moves through, it gets a little bit better. now we'll go back to your overnight forecast and show you mild conditions. 68 here in the city. 63 for frederick. 67 in chantilly. and then farther north and west down in those suburb, temperatures down into the lower 60s early, early tomorrow morning. here in the city we're 73 by
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8:00 a.m. 82 by noon. 85 by 5:00. a few clouds late in the day. we have some cooler air aloft. and when we heat up the ground, that tends to create some of those fair weather clouds. but it will stay dry for tomorrow. notice the weekend is good. and then as we transition back into the workweek, some isolated thunderstorms on monday. scattered thunderstorms on tuesday and wednesday. but sy tuned because i think this is going to change just a little bit. the one thing we see, temperatures will stay lower than normal, only in the lower to mid-80s. stick around. anthony aim yi is in with a -- ey am is in tha wia look at your sports when the news edge continues. or get 0% apr for months on most 2009 pontiac models! all are backed with the best coverage in america, including a 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.
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we'll take it. hi, everybody. in for dave ross. i'm anthony amey. first the story of local product steve marino. he found out he was the first alternate for the british open so he had his father fly if fairfax to his home in florida to fetch his passport and fed ex it to him. let's take a peek at 59-year- old tom watson. he rolled the -- [ indiscernible ] he does it again. an even round 70 after he bogeyed five or six holes on the front nine. marino joined watson to top the leader board at five under. he's in position to become just
11:24 pm
the 13th man in the last 40 years to make his first pga victory a major one. >> i hit it in the rough a bunch. missed a bunch of greens. i had a shot from 116 yards for birdie. made a bunker shot for birdie. there were points in the round where i felt i was one-putting every hole. so it was -- i really don't think i could have shot one stroke less today to be honest with you. >> it tiger woods made the cut in 4 3w events worldwide. for the fifth time since turning pro in '9, only the second time in a major the world's number one player has missed a cut. he will go majorless. >> i kempt compounding my problems out there. >> what's next for you? >> well, go home. >> baseball's first half is in
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the books. the naptions have a new manager. supposedly a new outlook but the same problems have plagued the team with the worst -- [ indiscernible ] the nats face the cubs. visitors up 2-1. ramirez pushing for more cushion. the solo shot makes it 3-1 chicago. willy harris filing one off the left side. alfonso soriano sat this one out with a swollen pinky finger. going into the stands to end the inning. 3-1 your final. the nats have lost eight of their last nine games. the wizards have split their first two summer league games but when the results don't count is when players individual their -- players improve their individual games. tonight in las vegas wiz facing the minnesota timberwolves. first quarter off the turnover.
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nick young looking pretty. pretty scoop shot. young with 23 on the night. bobby brown making it his prerogative to find johnny flynn. nicely done. seven-time champ lance armstrong said he never experienced a day as cold as today was at the tour de france. armstrong remains third overall, eight seconds behind the leader. elsewhere world team tennis has suspended and fined chuck adams for confronting a washington kastles player at last night's match. brian is back to wrap up the news edge after this quick time- out. 
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it's not been a bad week but i think you'll enjoy this weekend. 86 tomorrow. still a little warm no doubt and a little humid but sunday 84. lower humidity on sunday so the weekend looks gorgeous. >> sounds good. they are not burning bras in belgium. they're putting them on display. and underwear museum. briefs, boxers, thongs, taking the edge off tonight. the museum is so popular,


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